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Missions Trip Information
The Mission

Come and join the mission of bringing revival to Mexico. The need is great in a city of 3 million where many live impoverished, lost and without hope, but kingdom momentum is building as the love and power of God are being released. You were born to change the world; now we invite you to partner with us in bringing hope and transformation to Mexico!   Rancho De Sus Niños is located in Tijuana Mexico, and has been ministering to it’s people since 1987. Steve and Cathy Horner co-founded Rancho with a vision to care for abused and abandoned children; to change a nation one child at a time. What began with caring for twelve orphans has transformed into a thriving and expanding ministry with multiple children’s homes, churches, and schools among other ministries to the community. Together, Jimmy and Genea Horner and Karina Rocha are running with the rich inheritance and building upon the foundations left by their parents. With an ever expanding vision; they are driven to see generations of revivalists that will rise up to heal and transform their nation.   Through the multifaceted ministry of Rancho De Sus Niños, hundreds of lives are being touched each week. During your trip you will have the opportunity to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of the people through our various ministries to the community of Tijuana. Be a part of shaping history by participating in one of Rancho’s constant building projects; laying foundations, constructing, and giving form to the vision. Touch the hearts of youth in need at our youth center, be a part impacting Mexico’s rising generation of leaders in our Orphanage, Daycare Center, Schools, and much more.

Approximate Trip Cost
  • Three Day Trip: $195
  • Five Day Trip: $280
  • Cost includes:
    • room and board
    • project finances
  • *Transportation available:
    • $50 to and from San Diego airport as well as during your stay or $25 during your stay in Mexico only
Payment Information
A $200 deposit is due when your dates are confirmed and another deposit of 50% of your total payment is due 4 weeks before your arrival at Rancho. The full payment is due 2 weeks before your arrival. If you cancel your trip up to 1 week before your arrival, there will be a full refund.

However, if you cancel within 1 week of your trip there will be NO refund.

Ministry Opportunities
Location / Border Crossing
  • Rancho de Sus Niños is located in eastern Tijuana near Tecate in Valle Redondo, just south of the US/Mexican border.
  • Mexican customs allows only $50 of new merchandise per person to enter the country duty-free (this does not include your personal clothing, sleeping bags, etc.) If you have an excess of this new merchandise amount, enter the border through the lanes marked “Declaration”. The other lanes are clearly marked “Nothing to Declare”. You may be required to pay a duty on your new merchandise.
  • PASSPORT IS REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE RE-ENTERING THE U.S.. If you have someone in your group that is not a US citizen, make sure that they have appropriate papers to re-enter the country (i.e. green card, passport/visa, etc.).
General Information
  • Medical: Medical services are available in San Diego, California. The US Health Department recommends receiving a Hepatitis A vaccine prior to visiting Mexico.
  • Food and Water: All the food and beverages in our kitchen, such as water, juice and milk are safe. Bottled water and other goodies are available through our store.
  • Communication: There is NO TELEPHONE OR INTERNET AVAILABLE FOR USE at the orphanage. If you need to contact parents, church staff, etc. to advise of a safe arrival, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE CROSSING THE BORDER INTO MEXICO. Please advise parents that they will not be able to contact their children during this time period.
  • Laundry: There are no laundry facilities available. Please bring a sufficient amount of clothing.
  • Electricity: The hours of electricity are from 5:30AM to 10:00PM,. There is no electricity available from 10:00PM to 5:30AM at Rancho—PLEASE BRING FLASHLIGHTS.
  • Dress Codes: We trust that you know what is appropriate and what is not. If there is something that we feel is inappropriate, just know that you will be lovingly confronted about it.
Example Daily Schedule
  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8:00 am Worship & Devotional
  • 9:00 am Work Project
  • 1:00 pm Lunch
  • 3:00 pm Ministry/Outreach
  • 6:00 pm Dinner